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Why Every Landscaping Business Owner Should Know The Legal Differences Between Contractors And Employees

For those who own a successful landscaping business, we are sure you do not do everything yourself. You may have oversight on every project, and make important decisions for your landscaping business, but day-to-day there will be others who have roles such as landscape design, construction, and administration, to name but three.

This brings us to something that can cause confusion for landscaping companies and those who work for them. We are talking about whether someone working for a landscaping company is legally considered an employee or a contractor. These are important distinctions as they influence the legal status of those who work for you and your obligations towards them.

To try and clarify some of the confusion surrounding the employee vs contractor question, we have outlined some of the basic facts including what the main differences are as they relate to employees or contractors working for your landscaping business.

The Distinction Between An Employee And A Contractor

Before taking on a landscaping project, one simple test that any landscaping company, including Lonepine Landscapes, can use to distinguish between who is an employee is this: An employee has a contract of service, and a contractor has a contract for services. Now you might be saying those are almost identical, but they are not.

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