Current National Campaigns

The Habeas Protection Campaign

A new piece of legislation designed to eliminate federal review of criminal cases, the Streamlined Procedures Act, was introduced by several members of Congress last spring for the stated purpose of speeding up executions. Contrary to its title, the bill would do little to expedite the appeals process. The legislation, which is opposed by a broad coalition of organizations and individuals, would also undercut the few safeguards that currently exist for prisoners and likely increase errors in the administration of justice. TJP is working to halt the passage of this short-sighted legislation – you can help by taking action today!

The Innocence Protection Act

TJP led a five-year campaign to pass the Innocence Protection Act (IPA), the first piece of federal death penalty reform legislation to pass Congress, which President George W. Bush signed into law in October of 2004. The IPA enhances the rights and protections for all persons involved in the criminal justice system through two different, but complementary, mechanisms: (1) a new set of statutory victims’ rights that are both enforceable in a court of law and supported by fully-funded victims’ assistance programs; and (2) a comprehensive DNA bill that seeks to ensure that the true offender is caught and convicted for the crime.