Whilst there may be a perception in some quarters that the world of lawyers, courts, and the legal system is somewhat old-fashioned, the truth is that the legal profession operates as much in the modern world of technology and the internet as any other. This can be seen in many ways, but the most obvious is the modern website designs some law firms have that have been done by experienced website design companies like Web Design Perth that are up-to-date with all aspects that law firms require.

Now, if you are reading that and thinking to yourself that your law firm’s website is far from being modern, and worse, it is ineffective in generating prospects and clients, then it is highly likely that the time has come for your law firm to have a new website designed. This leads us to the question of what sort of website design is suitable for a law firm, so let us answer that by highlighting a few essential design elements.

Your Website Should Have A Purpose

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when designing a website is for it to have no definitive purpose. If it serves only to ‘be there’ and nothing else, anyone visiting will have little idea what the website is about, and once that happens they will leave pretty quickly.

Your Website Should Stand Out From The Legal Crowd

Before we go any further by ‘standing out‘ we are not talking about your law firm having a website with loads of flashing colours and garish images. Instead, you want it to stand out from the crowd, with the crowd being the other law firms in your local area. You will notice that many of them will follow the same tired, old format and layout and thus have nothing to distinguish them from any other law firm.

Ensure that your website designer is aware that you want your law firm’s website to be, like Family Lawyers, remarkable without being outlandish. Get them to include the branding of your law firm, have clear and distinctive images, and an overall look that distinguishes it from other legal websites.

Highlight Your Law Firm’s Expertise

One of the things any visitor to a law form’s website will be expecting to see is proof of that law firm’s expertise and its track record of helping its clients. This can be achieved within your website’s design by having pages that highlight each lawyers’ education, their legal credentials, and their track record. Other desirable pages are testimonials from past and long-term clients and any awards and certifications your law firm has.

Make Your Website Easy To Navigate

One of the quickest ways to lose visitors to a website is to make it seem complicated and difficult to navigate. If that is their first impression they will click away immediately. You want your website to be welcoming and unconfusing so the home page should not be cluttered, but instead, be clean and easy to follow.

In addition, the menu system within the website should be easy to navigate with all the main sections of your website clearly labelled. Also, ensure that there is a button marked ‘Home’ on every page within your website so that visitors feel assured that they can easily return there.

Give Them A Way To Contact You

Presumably, you want your website to generate prospects and ultimately, clients for your law firm, and the only way that happens is if those visitors get in touch. Make sure the means to contact you is front and centre on most pages and that any contact form is easy to complete.