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Most of us tend to associate criminal charges with crime that occurs on the street, homes and alleyways of Australia. White collar crime refers to other forms of law violations that occur in a corporate environment. Expert criminal lawyers are happy to offer legal advice to those who require legal assistance in white collar crime cases.  White collar crime can occur in a variety of scenarios and include different types of law violations. According to recent news reports, white collar crime is on the rise in Australia and usually includes any type of activity that involves obtaining funds or property etc through fraudulent means.

Although white collared crime usually receives less than its fair share of attention compared to violent crimes, it has resulted in losses amounting to million dollars. White collared crime acts are usually committed by individuals who belong to a higher economic or social status and may be performed against the company (where the individual is employed), investors, creditors, the government or the environment etc.

The following list describes some of the most common forms of white collared crime:

  • Tax fraud: Tax fraud can be committed by an individual or by a company or its agents. Tax fraud refers to evasion of tax by providing false information to the government or tax authorities. Tax fraud includes hiding income, indulging in fraudulent, complex (and often illegal) offshore tax havens as well as claiming refunds or tax benefits that you are not entitled to claim. Tax fraud attracts a variety of punitive action measures including penalties, fines, convictions and imprisonment.

  • Leaking of sensitive information: This refers to leaking of sensitive information regarding confidential company data to external or competing entities. In many companies, employees often leak information due to ignorance regarding company policies regarding leakage of information. Leakage of sensitive information happens by accident as well as by malicious intent. Study reports indicate that information is leaked most commonly through emails and personal technology devices, text messages and so on. Leakage of sensitive information impacts large organisations as well as small businesses in Australia.
  • Consumer fraud: This form of crime relates to selling of defective or hazardous substances to customers, unfair business practices, unlawful debt recovery schemes, scams, discrimination against consumers and so on. Consumer frauds may be committed by employees as well as by companies or their agents.

The world of business and corporate management can be a harsh and stressful one. Many employees may commit offences due to ignorance, accident or confusion regarding policies and regulations. If you find yourself faced with criminal charges or accused of white collared crime, the best way forward is to seek reliable legal counsel in your area.