Any lawyers will tell you that even though a divorce may be stressful, there are certain things that should not be left to chance. One of them is the division of property. If valuable assets are held by two people who divorce, it is only fair to divide them up. According to experienced divorce lawyers Robertson Hayles, unless you get advice from family lawyers it is possible that you’ll decide to forego your share just to have it all over and done with. You may live to regret that decision.

It is all very well to make a verbal agreement about the division of property, but before you call in the removalists, who’s to say that your ex will not renege on their end of the agreement. A verbal agreement is not something that will hold up in a court of law. Leaving it all up to a verbal agreement is only going to prolong the agony, if you don’t decide to just let your ex take everything simply for the peace of having no more hassles with them.

It is far better to get in and get the matter settled legally right at the beginning. If you don’t, and you are the one to take care of the children, it can really affect their lives in the future as well as yours. For instance, to have access to the many different things that will help your child choose their career it takes money to finance those dance or swimming lessons, or to take junior to footy every weekend.

It also takes extra finances to put them through school, get them extra tuition if they need it and ensure they can go on school excursions. Of course, there are many children who work hard and have good lives in spite of living on a shoestring budget. Their parent probably worked herself into the ground to give them the few extras they had that made the difference.

You don’t want a life like that if you can avoid it. If you can make a good arrangement with your ex, it is wise to get it in writing. This will save on costs and the time taken by a court hearing to decide on the settlement. Both parties will benefit from settling the dispute out of court.

If you can’t agree about a financial settlement, you’ll need to attend family dispute resolution, a required step to try and settle matters out of court. This is an affordable option and can be much quicker than going to court. It is a way to get the matter settled without the cost and time taken by the judicial procedure. You and your ex will have greater control over the outcome and of the process when the dispute goes through family resolution.