For anyone whose profession is dentistry, we are sure that there are many other professionals whom you rely upon to help you run your dental practice and who allow you to carry on your work as a dentist as stress-free as possible. After all, if you had to not just treat patients but also prepare all your accounts singlehandedly, calculate payments to the IRS, as well as take care of booking patient appointments too, we imagine you would soon burn out.

This is why CSAs, tax advisors, receptionists, and administrative staff are all necessary for a dental practice to thrive, and we submit that there is another professional who is essential to your business, and that is a commercial lawyer. They might not be someone whose services you require each week or even every month, but when they are required, they can provide advice and representation that could mean the continued existence of your dental practice.

We say that not to alarm you, but to highlight the fact that some dental practices and dentists would not be operating today had it not been for the representation provided by a commercial lawyer in a serious legal matter. Thankfully, such instances are rare, but we are certain that the dentists involved are delighted they had the foresight to acquire the services of a competent commercial lawyer, and more to the point, one that proved to be the right choice.

So, if you do not have a commercial lawyer, or you wish to retain one for your dental practice but are unsure how to go about choosing one, the next few paragraphs are going to help. What we have is a four-step guide to assessing and choosing the right commercial lawyer for your dental practice.

Step #1 – Determine What Level Of Legal Representation You Require

As with any service you might require, when it comes to legal representation for your dental practice you must first determine at what level you need it to be and choose a commercial law firm that offers all that you need. For example, if you have employees you will want employment law advice. Likewise, if you are planning to expand your business you may need advice on leasing additional commercial premises for those new dental practices.

Step #2 – Seek Referrals From Others

There are few better ways to learn of potential commercial lawyers who might be suitable for your dental practice than to hear of them via referrals from those you know and trust. Whilst it is no guarantee any lawyers referred to you will fit all your needs, it at least gives you some reassurance that they have provided acceptable levels of legal services in the past.

Step #3 – Ensure Any Commercial Lawyer You Consider Has Experience Representing Dentists

Taking referrals, and indeed any other possible lawyer you might consider to another level of scrutiny, you want to know that the representation of dentists and dental practices are what they have knowledge and experience of. The legal needs of your dental business will differ greatly from a local bar, a parcel delivery company, and a travel agency, so you want a lawyer who is aware of that, and what those legal needs are.

Step #4 – Arrange To Meet Candidates Face-To-Face

By now you should have a shortlist of two or three potential commercial lawyers, but before choosing which is going to represent you and your business, we highly recommend arranging to meet them. Your commercial lawyer potentially could play a key role in protecting your business and your livelihood should you encounter a huge legal problem, so you want to feel confident in them and know that you can have a positive and professional relationship with them.