Even though tens of thousands of cosmetic surgeries go off without a hitch every day, some people find themselves with serious Botox legal issues and other cosmetic surgery problems that require legal help.

If you have found yourself in this very situation, it’s essential to know when you can make a botched cosmetic surgery claim, and what comes next. Read on to find out more.

The Medical Professional Breached Their Duty of Care

You may have read up on all the risk factors of cosmetic surgery and even made sure you gave yourself some time to think about the procedure before you went ahead with it. All this planning may be all for nothing if the medical professional you trusted to undertake the procedure breached their duty of care.

You may have a legal leg to stand on if they displayed poor skills, didn’t follow the rules, or were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, resulting in a less than desirable result.

You Experienced Unreasonable Damage

No cosmetic procedure is without its risks. Even Botox treatment, which is reasonably straightforward, doesn’t always come without a few side effects that lead to Botox legal issues. However, you may be able to make a botched cosmetic surgery claim if your procedure resulted in unreasonable damage.

This might be something like excessive scarring above and beyond what is expected, poor cosmetic results, and even nerve damage.

Your Surgeon Had Insurance and a License

All commercially practicing surgeons must have professional indemnity insurance. However, if you went overseas for surgery because it was cheaper and the surgeon was not accredited, you may not be able to make a claim.

In saying that, if you had every reason to believe they were insured and licensed and found out later that they were not, you might be able to claim for cosmetic surgery negligence. It can be worth requesting help from a lawyer to find out for sure.

You Were Not Given the Correct Prescription or Anaesthesia

All licensed and commercially practicing surgeons must prescribe the proper medication of the correct dose and in the right situation. If that doesn’t happen, or they failed to take note of medical conditions that affected the type of medications you could have, you may be able to make a botched cosmetic surgery claim.

You Didn’t Receive Cosmetic Surgery in a Clinic or Hospital Environment

All cosmetic surgeries must be performed in sterile environments with equipment to handle all situations. If your surgery was performed outside of a hospital or clinic environment, you might have a solid case to receive compensation, especially if complications arose and were not able to be taken care of due to the surgery environment.

Proving Your Case

Even though the above things can signal that you may have a good case to take to court, you still have to prove negligence. Essentially, your lawyer will need to ensure that any injuries you experienced after surgery could have been avoided if the surgeon had acted differently.

If you have proven this to be the situation, you may be able to receive compensation for your medical expenses, home care expenses relating to your injuries, a loss of earnings, and physical or psychological harm.

Cosmetic surgeries happen all around the world every day. They are primarily performed by trained, experienced, and licensed surgeons. However, even for something as simple as Botox, things can go wrong. It’s helpful to know when you can make a claim and what that situation involves.